About Me
A Savvy Cake Baker

By Cathy

Hi there, I’m glad you stopped by!

I’ve recently taken over cake-baker.com just because I like to bake cakes.

birthday cake with minion decorations in fondant

You might have seen the one that my daughter and I did for my grandson’s birthday party. That was one fun project!

And I don’t think a professional cake baker could have done it much better, do you agree?

Over the years I’ve won a few ribbons, even blue ones, in baking competitions.

Nothing huge, but enough to show that I might know a little bit about it. Through these pages, I hope to share a few things with others who wander by, even if it’s just a favorite recipe or an unusual technique.

Besides baking and decorating birthday cakes for my family, I’ve made countless cheesecakes, snack cakes, fruitcakes, and tons of special occasion cakes over the years.

And I had lots of lessons from my grandmother and aunts who were old-school and made everything from scratch. It's what I learned from them that earned the ribbons, actually.

Also because of them, I feel guilty sometimes if I make something that isn’t from scratch! The new age way of saying that is that we should make things from whole foods, or as close to fresh as possible.

And while we’re on the subject of ingredients, (we are, right?) I’ve recently decided that we simply must put more attention on where our food comes from. So as I review the site and update it with my personal touches, I’ll be including more information about using organic ingredients, grass-fed dairy, and even some gluten-free recipes.

It has been my personal experience that diets free of unnecessary chemicals actually do make us feel better. For example, you won’t find margarine as an ingredient once I’m finished reviewing the recipes on my newly acquired pages.

Personally (since this is the "About Me" page) I buy organic whenever possible. I eat grass-fed butter and milk, and I buy meats directly from a local farm. And this year I'm growing a small garden. I try to avoid pre-packaged foods, (but it’s harder to convince the rest of my family.)

Doing these things has done wonders for my health, particularly in relieving arthritis. What does that have to do with cake? Well, if I make it myself I know exactly what’s in it. I don’t buy commercial baked goods for myself anymore. It’s just too painful!

Anyway... Welcome to cake-baker.com!

I hope you find something interesting here to bake up and share with friends and family. They’ll appreciate it, too.

PS. I would love to hear about new and interesting recipes, so feel free to share your favorites (see the contact page).