Chocolate Cake Recipes

What are the best chocolate cake recipes? I dare you to choose from this diverse and very awesome collection of chocolate cakes listed here!

Let's just face it; everything tastes better with chocolate and cakes are no exception.

One of my favorite things about chocolate is that it's the perfect compliment to pretty much everything, but that could just be me.

The variety that chocolate has is staggering as well!

  • Milk chocolate, so creamy and rich.
  • Dark chocolate, with just a little bite and not too sweet
  • White chocolate, smooth and subtle
  • Chocolate chips for nice surprises
  • Chocolate mousse for an indulgent extravagance
  • Chocolate fudge, just short of chewy and maybe a bit nutty

The list goes on and on...

You can shave it to add decoration to your cakes, melt it to add filling, use it as frosting, or drizzle it all over the cake and plate. There are so many ways to use chocolate, the list never stops.

And don't forget about the wonderful pairings you can do with chocolate.

  • Chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream
  • Orange and chocolate
  • Coffee and chocolate equals mocha
  • Nuts and chocolate
  • Cheese and chocolate
  • Graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows

Tell you what; try them all and then let me know which one you loved the best!

Want to share your best recipe for chocolate cake? Recipes, tips and ideas are welcome.

My Collection of Chocolate Cake Recipes

This is a rich and creamy cake that you can serve at any social gathering.

Try this Rich Chocolate Cake recipe. It's so moist and full of chocolate.

An easy and fun butterfly birthday cake kids will love.

A delicious coffee cake for next time you are serving brunch.

With a hint of orange, this chocolate cake makes a perfect birthday cake.

A moist chocolate marshmallow cake with lots of chocolate.

An amazing turtle cake recipe that will melt in your mouth.

Try this chocolate chiffon cake recipe to tempt your taste buds.

A chocolate sponge cake layered with jam and cream.

This sour cream chocolate cake is very moist and delicious.

Chocolate Fudge Cake. How much chocolate can you handle?

A chocolate marble cake always looks delicious and so does this one.

If you don't find what you want on this page, or you've tried them all, check out the Cheesecake section where there are some really good chocolate options.

My favorite chocolate cake recipe, by Amanda (German Chocolate Cake )

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